This house looked like it was about to fall into itself until one family stepped in

Before they purchased it, the house had been vacant for many years after being built more than 130 years ago. What they did with it is astounding! Here is how it appears right now…

This home, which was built in 1887, was deemed unsafe to even enter since it appeared as though it would collapse at any moment. They didn’t even bother to think twice when searching to purchase this large ruin, but when locals Jim and Jean Leaman entered the picture, everything changed. The retired couple fell in love with the home’s traditional architecture and decided to buy it after witnessing its state deteriorate over the years.

They succeeded in transforming the ruin into a lovely haven we can all call home after spending five years working on the property day in and day out.

The change is absolutely unbelievable! But hold off till you see inside…

This is how the house initially appeared.

But this is how it appeared upon restoration.

You won’t be able to breathe on the inside. It seems to have come from a Harry Potter film.

Five different species of wood make up the floors, and the stained glass panels allow a rainbow of colors to shine through.

The five bedrooms on the second floor are all individually styled and appealing.

However, this tiny space in the attic would be ideal for a workspace.

It’s difficult to accept given the way it seemed and what he claimed it to be.

He did had to put a lot of effort, time, and money into it, but he eventually turned the ruin into a comfortable home.

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