12-year-old boy’s dream comes true after he’s adopted by his best friend’s family – congratulations, Andrew

The Children’s Bureau recently revealed data showing that there are currently about 424,000 foster children across the country. There are slightly fewer than 8,000 kids waiting to be reunited with their family or to find a forever home with parents who would love them without conditions, just in Tennessee. Less than 4,000 foster families exist in this state, which is a tragic fact.

Andrew, a 12-year-old from Nashville, was one of those children who had been in the system up until recently. This sweet boy moved from family to family for the first half of his life. That changed, though, when he was accepted by the Gills, a unique foster family.

Joc, the son of Kevin and Dominique Gill, is an only child who hit it off with Andrew right away. The lads adore spending time together. They enjoy playing games, going for walks, and performing other enjoyable activities. Kevin and Dominique chose to adopt the boys after realizing how close the boys had become. This will ensure that they would always be best friends.

Andrew had no notion that he was about to formally join the Gill family. He learned that his foster parents are adopting him one day while out for a stroll in the park with Youth Villages volunteer Molly Parker.

Andrew remarked, “I just turned around the corner and saw everyone. They asked me if I would, and I replied, “Yeah!”


These males, who had previously only been best friends, are now brothers. Isn’t that the most lovely thing you’ve ever seen?

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