Be prepared for a shocking twist: a 600-pound reality star wearing a provocative bridal gown.

Tammy Slayton, despite being overweight, opted for an open dress.

The stars of the well-liked American reality show “1,000 Pound Sisters,” which follows two seriously obese sisters, are Tammy and Emmy Slayton.

They are currently 34 and 35 years old, respectively. Until a few years ago, they agreed to broadcast their daily activities to millions of viewers in the hopes of becoming in shape and beginning to live life to the fullest.

For three seasons, the sisters battled their addictions and themselves. Amy was the most successful sister since she is trying to lose weight and has sought surgery.

At the time of the photo session, Tammy and Amy weighed 275 kg and 185 kg, respectively (although Amy had previously lost roughly 50 kg). She has put on weight in contrast to her sibling, and she is currently very near to 300 pounds. When Tammy’s health rapidly declined, a medical rehabilitation center in Ohio that specialized in treating obese people was contacted.

Her lung issues caused by her obesity-related fatness are currently being treated at the clinic along with her weight loss. Tammy remains intrigued by her career of choice. She frequently posts amusing videos, health updates, and general reassurances for her followers on her social media pages.

Tammy and Caleb Willingham met there, and they eventually got married. Her first genuine, off-the-Internet dating-site relationship started with the encounter. Where they initially met before he proposed to her, they had already staged a wedding there.

There may be discussion between them about several of their worries. Now, they are actually helping one another. Friends of the couple say it’s amazing.

The little wedding was attended solely by the bride’s closest friends and family. The bride’s sister, Amy, had lost a few pounds, was now married, and was a new mom to a little child.

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