Former circus elephants separated for 22 years, camera catches phenomenal moment they reunite for 1st time

Even though some people might disagree, I think it’s important to recognize that all animals have sentiments at this stage.

The days of simply referring to the animals with which humans share this planet as “beasts” are long gone, yes, some more so than others.

Animals can feel love, pain, fear, and delight, and occasionally, images or videos will be captured that accurately capture how sensitive they are.

One such occurrence occurred in 2000 on PBS as a result of a story that quickly went viral throughout the world.

It concerns two ex-circus elephants who haven’t seen each other in mind-boggling 22 years. You won’t want to miss the heartfelt reunion moment that was captured on camera.

The film was recorded at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee and shows Shirley and Jenny, two elephants, finally getting to meet after more than twenty years apart. Elephants are known to have incredible memories, but the display of love and affection in this video is just astounding.

Even the keepers are surprised when the two elephants rekindle a friendship they had when they were both circus performers.

After seeing one another through the gates, Shirley and Jenny rapidly overcome a gap of more than twenty years.

Check out the incredible video in the clip below:

All animals should be content on the world.

We don’t have the right to lock them up! Publish this article if you concur.

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