The hairiest girl on the planet decided to remove the hair from her face. Here is how she looks today

Supatra Sasufan entered the Guinness Book of Records at almost the youngest age. However, the hair all over her body, not athletic prowess or a special gift, was what got her there. She was known as the world’s hairiest girl.

The child’s parents and she herself battled this illness for many years. However, there are just no treatments for such dense vegetation in the present day. The girl failed to respond to laser hair removal. Her hair grew quicker and thicker as a result.

The child had to put up with incessant jeering from classmates at school. She claims, though, that she has a lot of friends who generally treat her nicely.

She has now reached the age of 17 and has mastered coping mechanisms for her oddity. Even though the girl was married, she doesn’t want to claim the name of her spouse.

Their initial group images have already surfaced online. Users praised her in their remarks. The teen must regularly shave her face to keep up her current appearance.

We want to send Supatra strength and patience. She’ll be OK with everything, I’m sure of it.

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