Family surprised everyone with three sets of twins born on the same day

It is not always simple to give birth to a child; many couples try more than once, and some, sadly, are not able to. The Kozinskis experienced the same thing. The choice to adopt a kid made by the couple later had unanticipated results.

In 2013, a friend of Kerry and Craig asked them if they would be interested in adopting her child after learning that she was expecting. After learning that the girl was expecting not just one child, but two at once, the couple agreed. Kozinski’s first two children, Adalyn and Kenna, were born on February 28, 2014.

The same girl wrote to the couple again a year later to request assistance. She already had children, twins who were born on February 28, 2013, but she was unable to care for them properly. As a result, she offered that Kerry and Craig adopt Jay-Jay and C-C, which Kozinski joyfully accepted.

In 2016, Kerry herself became pregnant with the aid of artificial insemination. She gave birth to twins, Clarissa and Caralline, as is common with this type of conception. The fact that they were both born on February 28 is what is most amazing, though.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? “I frequently receive the inquiry, ‘You’re on purpose, aren’t you? You presumably knew you were having a caesarean on purpose when you had one.So no. Each girl weighed 725 grams when she was born prematurely. Believe me, I didn’t set out to have them at 24 weeks of pregnancy,” Kerry said.

But she asserted that the spouses’ plans did in fact include adoption of children. Additionally, they contemplated it before realizing they were unable to have children. It’s true that they desired to have their own children before adopting and caring for foster children.

The couple’s current top priority is to finish the ongoing paperwork procedure. “If we lose them, we’re just not going to make it. They have already become our kids. We believe that their arrival at us was predetermined by fate.

The couple declared their desire for additional kids. Craig in particular, since “We have 5 girls and only 1 boy.” It will be hilarious if twins are born on February 28th if further babies join the Kozinski family in a few years.

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