He asked his wife how many men she had been with

You accept someone with all of their good qualities and bad qualities when you find the one person you want to spend all of eternity with.

The majority of people are interested in knowing how many people their partner has dated in the past, and while this inquiry occasionally causes envy, it is still natural.

When the husband inquired about the number of prior lovers, the newlywed couple was in bed.

He worked up the nerve to ask his wife if she would be open to sharing such knowledge with him, but she remained silent and instead began staring up at the ceiling.

Couple in love lying in bed. Thank you for reading. attractive idea.

He encouraged her, “Just share it with me, it’s okay,” when she pressed the issue. How many guys have you dated?but was met with silence once more.

The man apologized, feeling terrible that his remarks might have hurt his loved one.

I apologize; I didn’t mean to aggravate you. I merely believed that we could establish an honest and reliable rapport.

He finally spoke after a long period of time, saying, “That’s okay, don’t be upset.”

Once more, there was no response, so he drew her in closer and began kissing her and showing her love.

She turned to him in frustration and shouted, “Oh, come on! You’ve caused me to miscount.

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Peace and Love

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