My beloved once said to me, “You have to choose between me and your daughter. I think you understand me.”

In the eleventh grade, Kaya fell pregnant through a classmate, whom she thought was the love of her life at the moment. Boy, however, rejected the child after learning of the pregnancy and circulated false information about Kaya across the town.She and her parents were embarrassed by the circumstance—a minor giving birth—and worried about the reactions of others. Fortunately, she had the support and assistance of her parents in raising the child.

She made the decision to go to college two years later. She relocated to the city and left her daughter with her parents. To assist her parents financially, she enrolled in the economics department and obtained a part-time position as a waitress in one of the city’s eateries.

There she met Orest, a young, attractive, and wealthy man. Orest fell in love with her right away and would do everything for her. Sweet kisses and romantic outings followed, and they eventually moved in together. They immediately started making plans for their wedding.

Naturally, they immediately informed T about her daughter, and he didn’t view it as an issue. He even gave her money so she could buy the child’s clothes and toys. As time went on, they started talking about bringing her daughter to live with them. She was shocked to learn that she was firmly opposed.

He maintained that while he knew Svitlana loved her daughter, the youngster should remain a resident of the community. He stated that since the youngster was accustomed to her grandparents, she had no place in their lives and that there was no need for children at this time. She was shocked because she had liked Orest.

But Orest’s final remark, “You must understand that I’m not ready to parent someone else’s child, helped her make the right choice. Decide who you want: either me or Inna. I have faith that you’ll act morally, and life will go on as usual. didn’t answer him right away. But when she came home the following day, her possessions and daughter had vanished, leaving just the note, “I will always choose my child.”

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