26 Years Together! Stallone, 77, was Spotted in the Pool with his Young Wife

At 77 years old, Sylvester Stallone was seen with his wife when they were on vacation, and everyone was mesmerized by Jennifer Flavin’s amazing body. Sylvester’s wife is easily more attractive and physically healthy than any 20-year-old, while being 54 years old.


It is important to remember that the pair got legally married in 1997, and their love is still as strong as ever today.

“What a gorgeous couple,” “Oh my God, I want to look 77 like Stallone,” “Not every 30-year-old can boast a shape like 54-year-old Jennifer,” and other comments like “What a beautiful couple”

You can’t tell Stallone is in his 70s, “Wonderful couple,” and “What’s he done to his face?”

The online community was thrilled by the most current photos of Stallone and Flavin. Internet fans commented on the new pictures of the adored celebrity pair in the comments section, “As the years pass, he bears an increasingly striking resemblance to his mother.”

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