Kim Basinger’s transformation following plastic surgery is “Like a Horror Movie”

The well-known actress, who is currently 69 years old, was once thought to be one of Hollywood’s most attractive women. But Kim’s decision to look into plastic surgery as a way to maintain youth has fundamentally altered her course.

Celebrities have traditionally been divided into two categories: those who encourage natural aging and those who seek the assistance of plastic surgeons. Kim opted for the latter, which has made her the subject of constant public criticism at the moment. She now has a hard mask-like appearance to her face.

Kim had operations to elevate her facial features and implant cheekbones, which sparked a range of reactions from onlookers. Some expressed their annoyance by referring to her as a “wax doll,” questioning her ability to smile, accusing her of self-indulgence, speculating on how much she resembled someone entirely different, or even evoking fear.

Many people still supported Kim at the time, claiming that despite the criticism, she still resembles herself and will soon recover from the operation. They pointed out Kim’s inherent beauty and reprimanded the cynics for always finding fault.

Do you now find Basinger’s new appearance to be intimidating to you personally?

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