The boy approached the man outside and asked him for food. This encounter proved fateful for both of them.

After several years of employment there, Guan was promoted to manager. But despite being given a promotion, he maintained his kind demeanor toward his coworkers. arranged for his coworkers to join him at a restaurant to celebrate his promotion.

A 6-7-year-old child approached them as they walked outside for a smoke during the lunch with two other coworkers. Excuse me, sir, do you have any food to spare? the youngster trembled and frightenedly pleaded. was shocked to learn. His buddies advised him to ignore the child, but tears began to fill up in his eyes. He escorted the youngster into the restaurant while holding his hand.

placed the youngster at the table next to him and served him two hot chocolate pastries, french fries, and skewered chicken. Although they don’t serve the homeless, the waitress persisted in taking the order after making a large tip promise.

Even more startling was when the child began moving the food into a tiny bag that he had pulled out of his pocket. I prompted, “Eat calmly; I’ll get you more.” It’s not for me, sir, the child retorted. My mother and younger brother are both ravenous. I requested meals for them. experienced a lump in his throat.

The boy and his friend went to a store later and bought three big bags of goods. aid in transporting things home. They came at a dilapidated structure where a family resided. A young woman in her mid-20s was standing there anxiously as the door opened. Andriy, did you cause trouble again? she asked. How do you feel about us? Mother sobbed as Sergei explained that he had brought groceries.

he was informed that his mother had been left behind by her husband, who had moved in with a new lover and left them with nothing. Alice was having trouble making ends meet while the house was in the husband’s name. She had to care for her two children, his younger sister, and herself while also having to rely on charity.

As she described their predicament, she was overcome with emotion. She was consoled and given his word that he would assist. She originally opposed his offer to help her rent a home for her and the kids. But ultimately she gave in and helped them find a nicer, more cozy place to live.

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