The man really wanted a boy. After the delivery, I called him on the phone and gave him the news, which left him speechless.

Our first scan during my pregnancy revealed that we were having twins. This information somewhat surprised both my husband and me. It was unexpected. Our oldest child was 10 years old, and we were hoping to have a boy as our final child. However, life had other ideas for us, and we would be raising two more kids.It was great and definitely a struggle.

I used to question the physician every time I went to the hospital, “Is everything all right? There appears to be just one baby moving. But the medical professionals always told me that “everything is fine.”

My sisters and dad visited me on my birthday. Together, we had a celebration, and I later went to sleep. I hurried to my husband the following morning and said, “Take me to the maternity hospital.” I gave birth to triplets an hour after he took me there.

Two doctors assisted with my birth. They left with two of the infants. I abruptly heard a scream and yells of “Stop!” The entire maternity ward was filled with their shouting. Two more infants were carried back by one of the doctors. They shared my amazement in this regard. They appeared perplexed when I turned to look at them and asked where yet another baby could possibly come from.

They handed me a phone and instructed me to call my husband. Right now, you’re in shock, and if you start to worry, he’ll get scared. You talk, and we’ll dictate. When Misha picked up the phone, I instructed her to pull over if she was driving. I’m at home, he retorted. I advised him to get comfortable before announcing, “I just gave birth, everything is fine.” “Who was born?” he questioned. My response was, “Two little boys and a sweet daughter.” After a brief period of stillness, he suddenly erupted in laughter and declared, “Where there are two, there are three.” My three kids were brought to me, and it was a priceless experience.

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