When he appointed me with a choice: him or my son, I chose him, but at that time, I didn’t yet know what “surprise” awaited me at the airport.

Things were going well for me and the guy I was dating. We made the choice to wed. He was excited when I told him I was pregnant. In contrast, after the baby was born, he said he wasn’t ready to be a father and left my life. I was left alone with the child, and it was very difficult. My parents supported me throughout this period.

A man from Italy who genuinely liked me and I fell in love with him about six months later. Grandiose plans for the future were established. He asked me to marry him and relocate to Italy with him. I was thrilled, but he came with one requirement: I had to leave my son behind because he wasn’t a good fit for his goals. He declared that he wouldn’t raise someone else’s child. He offered me one month to make my choice.

Tickets for the flight were already in hand. He made it plain that if I refused to let my child go, we would end our relationship. I had a hard time deciding, but I went with him in the end. I didn’t want to blow my opportunity for happiness. I didn’t consider my son’s future or where or how he would raise himself. After giving my little son a kiss and placing him in his crib, I called my significant other to let him know I would be accompanying him.

We drove to the airport after he came to pick me up. But as we approached, I began to question my choice. I came to the conclusion that my decision was quite bad. I couldn’t stop thinking about my son during the entire trip to the airport, and I was aware that I couldn’t leave him behind. I instantly boarded a taxi and went back home. My youngster was still asleep and had no idea that I was on the verge of doing the unspeakable.

I gave thanks to God that I had time to come to my senses. If not, I would never have been able to forgive myself. I am a woman, but I am first and foremost a mother.

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