When Joseph’s mother mentioned Lona to her son, he abruptly stood up from the table and left. A few days later, Joseph brought back some bags, boxes, and packages. His mother was very surprised.

He was raised in a big family. His mother did her best to run the home and take on extra work to provide for their three children while his father, who loved to go out, regularly changed professions. Being the oldest, he constantly assisted his mother by watching over his younger sisters. His sisters assisted with home duties as they grew older. Unfortunately, father abruptly left their lives, frequently shifting where he was, and his mother frequently sobbed.

and his pals would frequently visit an old abandoned house on the outskirts of the village. They would sit on wooden planks there, crack sunflower seeds, and share diverse life experiences with one another.never spent money on sunflower seeds; his mother was tight with money. However, a friend sneakily gave him some seeds, and the two of them would take pleasure in this straightforward activity.frequently sat close by and provided snacks as well. Initially felt uncomfortable in front of the girls, but he soon began going to the garden and assisting with chores when her parents were at work.

After aiding her, she would bring out a bowl of candies and some sweet tea as they conversed and laughed.would politely refuse, but the girl wouldn’t let him leave until he had some treats to go with his tea. He was appreciative of the girl’s generosity because candy was a special delicacy that was typically reserved for special occasions.

Although studying was challenging for, he gave it his all. He did well in athletics, though, and after completing regular school, he enrolled in a sports school.maintained his friendship with her while pursuing a profession in medicine. eventually got married, and my parents died while I was very young. Several years later, I discovered that life had become challenging.

Her husband was a heavy drinker, and the family was having financial difficulties.resolved to assist his old pal. He asked his mother to deliver the food to the household after bringing it from the city with him, along with meat, seeds, and grains.sobbed and expressed gratitude for his kindness.

later filed for divorce in the hopes of a better future.routinely visited the community and brought presents for the son. The entire community assumed they were in love because of the whispers they had heard about their intense bond. took a sizable bunch of flowers one day and made his way to his childhood hero.

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