Customers rage over door sign, restaurant’s response is brilliant

The veterans discount may be well known to many of you. The men and women who serve in the police force are responsible for keeping our society safe and orderly.

Despite the fact that their work is among the hardest and most important in our country, many people feel they are underpaid.

Recently, a KFC location in Ohio made the decision to join the fun.The store’s posting of the sign led to a number of internet comments.

Generally speaking, the store’s policy was to offer free dining to anyone wearing a uniform, regardless of the time of day. The first thought was to give local police officers a discount on the chicken as a token of appreciation. In the end, this new regulation was about to get more online attention.

When this picture was uploaded on the Ohio Going Blue Facebook page, it sparked a lot of conversations.

Even with more than 10,000 likes and 6,000 shares, there were a variety of opinions.

Commenters questioned whether making this offer to police was even necessary. Other comments suggested that an officer would prefer not to receive special treatment and would rather foot the bill. administrators of Facebook pages comment:

Although this is a good post, some of you can’t see the full picture. Whether I’m in uniform or not, as an officer I never enter a place expecting ANYTHING to be free.Other cops share this sentiment. “Special treatment” is something we dislike. The message was made because KFC was thanking law enforcement. To those who said that additional first responders ought to be recognized. My response? ABSOLUTELY.”

Despite receiving so much media attention, the sign will continue to be displayed in the shop.

Let this sign serve as a compliment to the cops who risk their life so they know we appreciate what they do.

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