“I didn’t expect ‘Take your son and get out of our apartment’ from my parents when I arrived at their place late at night.”

My parents always side with my spouse in whatever argument we have. They claim that I have a short fuse and have a tendency to exaggerate things.

But what really stunned me was when, following yet another disagreement, they refused to take me in. My husband arrived home from work that day and ordered food right away. I informed him that today was my day off.

I met a friend and got a manicure at the beauty parlor. I was too busy to make dinner. He then began yelling at me at that point. “I worked all day so you could spend money at spas and salons. And you’re not even able to prepare some soup for our son and I in the evening. The final straw for me were his remarks and the way he stated them. I told him everything instead of keeping quiet. Even as I was gathering my belongings and getting our son ready, I yelled. My husband made no effort to halt me. He did nothing but wait on the couch for the delivery of supper.

I made the decision to see my folks. However, they declined to house me. Take your son and leave our apartment, my mother commanded. How was she going to support him?She advised me to prioritize my family’s needs before those of beauty parlors.

Even worse, my father claimed that if I were his wife, he would have expelled me long ago. I had no other option. My husband needed an apology, so I had to return home. But I still find it hard to believe my parents turned down my adoption.

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