Keith Urban Fans Suspect He Suffers From Prostate Cancer

Australian-born musician Keith Urban is well-known. His first encounter with Nicole Kidman, his future wife, was a fantasy.

Kidman admitted in an interview with Vanity Fair that she had been secretly engaged to another person when she first met Urban in 2005 at a “G-Day LA” event honoring the efforts of Australians.

However, it only took the couple three months after their chance meeting to become engaged.

The actress said, “At first, there was a huge attraction, and after three months, we were engaged, and then we got married very soon, but we didn’t really know each other. Really, we didn’t get to know one another until we were married.

“I believe that the timing of a first encounter is important. I also believe in my instincts. I had the thought, “Ahhh OK, somehow I’ve met home” from the moment I first met him. He had the same sentiment. Even though that was all we had, it served as the foundation for all of our labor.

They are parents to two lovely girls.

Urban’s father, Robert, had a huge influence on him despite succumbing to prostate cancer.

In 2018, Urban attended the It’s A Bloke Thing luncheon in Toowoomba in support of his father and to spread awareness. However, there were worries that the singer might be ill after being photographed by photographers at the Sydney airport.

But his purpose in being there was to perform at the Prostate Cancer Awareness/Fundraiser event.

Prostate cancer has affected other members of Urban’s family, particularly his uncles, thus he has a personal interest in raising awareness of it.

Because Urban was willing to play for free, the lunchtime event was able to raise a record-breaking $2,024,000!

This demonstrates that Keith Urban is a decent and sensitive person in addition to being a good musician and a wonderful father.

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