Tina was pregnant, and she didn’t like that her husband was spending more time with their son from his first marriage. But one incident changed everything…

Tina’s husband called her to inform her that their son hardly ever left the house because his mother was ill. He had to take him for a stroll. Due to her displeasure, Tina prompted him to remember that she was pregnant and required care as well. She was angry and confused about how she got to the bus stop from her office.
The fact that her husband’s child from his first marriage was an orphan after his mother passed away yet had a young grandmother of his own bothered her. Let her look after him.

Asking “What am I doing here?” Tina questioned. The moment Daniel revealed that his wife had passed away, the idea of adopting Valera as their own son sprang to mind. However, Tina pleaded with him to respect her decision to reject taking the boy in. Even though it greatly pained him, her husband didn’t persist because his wife was expecting a child and he didn’t want to put her through any hardship.

A loudly speaking woman on the phone with her mother interrupted Tina’s thoughts. She barely managed to keep her emotions under control after hearing anything. When the call was over, she started explaining what had occurred to her buddy to everyone on the bus:

“Our cat Barsik saved a dog, can you believe that!”

She asked her pal, “How so?”

“Someone placed a tiny red cat on my mother’s porch two years ago. He was so malnourished that when my mother went to fetch a dropper to feed him, she was unable to locate the kitten. He left the scene. He was eventually located on our dog Nargiz’s doghouse after a protracted search. Barsik was first fed by Nargiz. Barsik arrived today and barked nonstop while pointing at the door. Mom recognized the call as being from him. She followed him into the woods, where it was discovered that our Nargiz fell victim to a trap; any longer and she wouldn’t have survived. She was saved by Barsik.

Indeed, what loving and caring creatures they are.

Yes, that is true! People like that are uncommon to encounter, her buddy agreed.

Tina felt depressed and realized all at once, “I’m so cruel.” She hurried home via the park after getting off the bus. She saw her kid and husband there and went over to them. (Nearby was the mother of her spouse). Tina kindly inquired as to their activities and advised they continue their talk at home. When the youngster began to feel anxious, he stated he needed to tell his grandmother before returning home.

“I had our house in mind. Tina smiled and offered, “Let’s go have some tea.

The boy happily assisted Tina as they set the table at home. And all of a sudden, she enquired, “Would you like a little sister?”

He answered right away, “Of course!” “I’ll play with her and watch out for her.”

Tina gave the boy a hug. Tears started to form in her husband’s eyes as he gave her an appreciative look.

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