Toddler with Down syndrome featured in ad for Banana Republic’s new baby collection

Finally, businesses are putting up the necessary effort to show their inclusivity.

Fashion corporations recently switched away from their old model, a skinny white lady, and toward more diverse models in order to better serve their audience. Despite the fact that we have acknowledged this, a number of underrepresented groups continue to exist, including people with disabilities.

After just introducing their first model with Down syndrome, Victoria’s Secret, another brand is now celebrating a momentous occasion by launching their baby line.

The newest Banana Republic commercial portrays a baby boy with Down syndrome.

I appreciate you redefining the face of beauty, @bananarepublic.Posted on Saturday, March 5, 2022 by Changing the Face of Beauty

Banana Republic just introduced the BR Baby line, which was “designed with a promise to be more sustainable, more welcoming, and more inclusive,” according to a statement from the business.

“We want to highlight diversity in all of its manifestations, and the casting for BR Baby provided us with the ideal opportunity to do so. We were ecstatic to offer this lovely, kind man his first modeling assignment.

Love it!

The founder and president of the organization Changing the Face of Beauty, Katie Driscoll, said she was “thrilled” that businesses were using their commercials to speak to the impaired community. Changing the Face of Beauty is committed to equal portrayal of people with disabilities in the media.

The disability community is the largest minority in the world, and one in five families knows or loves someone who has a disability, yet too frequently our community is ignored when diversity is taken into account. Our future depends on how we are perceived in the world we live in.

I hope that one day include a person with a disability in a brand will become the norm rather than something to be noticed.

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