Tragic new detail comes to light after Madonna hospitalization – star had to be revived

Madonna’s recovery from her unplanned hospitalization last week is taking longer than expected.

In actuality, her most recent health worry was more severe than first thought, according to up-to-date sources.


The 64-year-old has been in and out of the news recently due to her internet pranks and frequently changing appearance.

The highly anticipated Madonna Celebration Tour was supposed to begin in Vancouver on July 15, but it had to be postponed after she was admitted to the hospital with a bacterial infection. 53 concerts around North America and Europe would have featured Madonna performing her greatest songs from 1983 to the present.


The singer’s tour manager, Gary Oseary, made the decision to call it quits on Instagram last Wednesday (June 28). “Madonna developed a serious bacterial infection on Saturday, June 24, which necessitated a few days in the intensive care unit,” he wrote.

Her health is getting better, but she is still receiving medical attention, he continued. An complete recovery is anticipated. We will need to put all commitments on hold right now, including the tour. As soon as we have more information, such as a new start date for the tour and new show dates, we will let you know.


The initial reports state that Madonna was found unconscious on June 24 and was taken to a hospital in New York City where she was intubated.


Soon later, a relative of a Grammy-winning musician told Entertainment Tonight that her family had been “preparing for the worst” ever since the news first broke.Upon hearing the news, they started “getting ready for the worst.” Her family was reportedly ready for the worst because no one really knew how this was going to turn out for the past few days.


“That is why it was kept a secret since Saturday,” they continued. Everyone had the impression that we would lose her, and it turned out to be the case.

Further expressing their worry about the number-one artist, the relative claimed that Madonna genuinely “believes that she is invincible” and that she “has been wearing herself thin over the past couple of months.”

Now, Radar Online has exclusively discovered that Madonna’s hospital stay was more severe than initially thought, as medical professionals had to administer a NARCAN shot to the star while tending to her at home when she was unresponsive.

The injection is widely used to treat the symptoms of an opioid overdose, which may include unusual fatigue or difficulty waking up, breathing problems, and a slow heartbeat. According to Medline Plus, NARCAN injections are routinely used to combat the consequences of septic shock, therefore giving one does not always mean that a patient has undergone an opioid overdose.

Madonna is apparently still severely ill and remained bedridden even though she is supposedly no longer in the intensive care unit.

Although the musician apparently had a month-long fever prior to being discovered comatose, the bacterial infection that caused it has not yet been diagnosed, according to the New York Post.

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