“Tired and Gray-Haired Old Man”: 72-year-old Richard Gere Appeared in Public with His Young Wife

Gere has been married three times; his third spouse, A. Silva, is 30 years younger than he is. A. Silva, a real beauty, is the vice president of the “Real Madrid” club’s inheritor.


She lived a luxury lifestyle before getting married to the actor, which was largely made possible by alimony from her first marriage to a multibillionaire. Gere has frequently praised his partner’s vivacious beauty and claimed that she is perfect in every way.

Alejandra has revealed how much she adores her hubby. Following the couple’s most recent outing, there was a lot of online discussion.

Richard is currently 72 years old, emphasizing their wide age difference. The previously alluring brunette has changed into an elderly guy; his hair is gray and he has significantly lost weight, but his endearing grin is still there.

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