Alfonso Ribeiro, star of “Fresh Prince,” posts a heartbreaking picture of his daughter one day before her fourth birthday.

Alfonso and Angela Ribeiro, Ava Sue’s parents, have kept fans updated about her whereabouts on social media.

In order to avoid any potential scarring, the little girl, who fell off her sit-down scooter the day before her fourth birthday, underwent emergency surgery on May 12.

In a post that featured pictures of his daughter’s injuries, which included serious burns to her right elbow, shoulder, and area surrounding her right eye, Alfonso expressed gratitude to the medical personnel at Kare MD Skin Health. He also conveyed his admiration for Ava’s courage.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air actor said in an Instagram post that it was not the kind of day you wanted the day before turning four. “The day before turning four is not the kind of day you want.” I would like to express my sincere gratitude to [Kare MD Skin Health] for the emergency care and surgery that will hopefully reduce the risk of [scarring]. I am so pleased of how courageous my infant daughter was during the procedure.

As Ava’s mother, Angela, went into further detail about her daughter’s injury, she mentioned that earlier in the day, she had a strong suspicion that Ava would be in danger.”A vision/motherly intuition,” she wrote.

As we were getting ready for Ava’s birthday celebration, I told the family, kids, sitter, and friends that “we are not doing anything crazy or dangerous today that could potentially end up with an ER visit.” When I said these words, I practically caused everyone to look at me.

However, it was clear that nobody heeded Angela’s advice because Ava fell from her scooter not long after she gave it.

To lessen the likelihood of scarring in the future, Ava was taken to see Dr. Raffy at Kare MD Skin Health as soon as possible following the accident.
“She was a trooper, but not a fun way to spend your last day as a three-year-old,” Angela continued.

“Adding a few extra cuddles to this adorable girl tonight.”

On their own Instagram feed, the Kare MD Skin Health team wished Ava a happy birthday on May 12.

“I appreciate your warm remarks, [Alfonso]. It is such an honor for us to look after your lovely princess Ava. Warmest regards for a swift recuperation,” they captioned the photo.

I think we can all agree that it’s terrifying whenever one of our babies is hurt. Thankfully, Alfonso and Angela’s baby is getting better!


Can you remember any incidents where your child was in a fatal accident? What were your emotions at that moment?

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