The incredible act of this woman led to the creation of a new life and the rescue of an existing one.

While traveling to work, the proprietor of the “Chicken and Egg” restaurant spotted an automobile parked in the middle of the road. There was an old woman, a tiny girl, and a man surrounding her, but the focus was on another woman.

Stella narrated, “The woman had on a dress and was expecting.” Her legs were covered in blood, as I noticed. She stopped right away and called 911. While an ambulance was being dispatched, Stella was requested by the operator to ascertain the woman’s labor stage. Stella was able to view the baby’s head at that very time.

Because there isn’t time to wait for the paramedics, the woman on the phone instructed me to “stay calm” and take deep breaths.

Thankfully, Stella wasn’t by herself when the baby was delivered this time. While still on the line, the 911 dispatcher gave instructions. The expectant mother was to lie on her yoga mat as one of the instructions.

“With one hand, I pressed as hard as I could, and with the other, I began tapping her legs and yelling at her nonstop. I kept urging my mother, “Come on! You’re capable. “Keep pushing, really push!” Stella narrated. “The baby just fell into my hands perfectly, at last.”

Soon after, the mother and the baby were taken to the hospital by ambulance, where medical professionals verified their health.

Stella is still being polite to her. She learned about this family’s amazing tale after baby Darli was born. The pandemic in Chile had made their three-month journey to the United States—by bus and on foot—difficult. They had left their home country in search of a better life.

They traveled through eleven countries and had multiple thefts. They are currently attempting to start over in a different nation with the baby, and Stella is voluntarily assisting them in this endeavor.

Stella added, “I’ve been supporting the family ever then. I find them a place to live, set them up with a doctor, and make required purchases. Until we open an account for Darli, money is being moved to my bank account. “The family knows about these funds, and until they open an account of their own, I’m covering their bills temporarily.”

They gave their little baby a very special name—Darli Stella—as a way to thank Stella for her support.

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