The woman adopted two children, but it was discovered that they were siblings.Read this amazing story

It was discovered that the two children the mother had adopted were siblings.

This tale illustrates how destiny may work itself out in the most bizarre ways at times. Colorado native Katie Page was going through a difficult divorce at the time.

She started volunteering at a facility that housed kids whose parents had abandoned them after finding comfort in the church. At first, she found this labor to be difficult and even burdensome. But as time went on, Katie understood the value of her warmth and concern for these abandoned kids.

She had a strong desire one day to give birth to a child who had only been in the shelter for four days. His biological mother, a seasoned drug user, had turned him down when he was in the hospital. Thankfully, her son’s health had not been impacted by her addiction. The procedure to become Grayson’s guardian was started by Mrs. Page, who also gave him that name. Social workers made fruitless attempts to get in touch with the boy’s potential family. Thus, Katie’s adoption rights were formally granted.

The new mother continued to assist orphaned youngsters a year later. She was given the task of picking up a second child from the hospital one day. Paige was shocked to discover that the child’s name and Grayson’s were identical. Her suspicion was validated when she learned that tiny Katie was born to the baby girl’s mother. She submitted her half-sister’s adoption application right away.

She had finally located a potential mother for the newborn girl before the formal adoption procedure began, and she hadn’t even asked about the elder boy’s whereabouts. When social services visited the family’s house to confirm the children’s relationship, newborn Hannah met Katie, who became both her mother and brother.

However, this tale was meant to go on. It transpired that the birth mother had become pregnant once more during their encounter with Katie. As before, she rejected the kid at delivery, and Mrs. Page was notified right away by the social service guardian. The mom is about to welcome a new child into her enormous family.

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