At least not completely naked! The provocative outfit of Salma Hayek came as a big disappointment for the fans

How awkward in the spotlight!

Salma Hayek completely forgot her age as she flaunted her black panties in a mesh dress!


The actress has constantly been asked how, at her age, she looks so stunning and alluring.

The Mexican actress’s admirers have always been in awe of her ability to maintain her youthful appearance and excellent health as she ages.

However, Salma is one of the celebrities in show business that regularly stuns the public with her provocative and exposing appearances. Her choices for clothing are often audacious, slightly revealing, and even provocative.

When she appeared at the premiere wearing a mesh dress that was entirely see-through, the fans had a lot of questions. The clothing, which scarcely covered anything, wonderfully highlighted her amazing form.

The mesh dress was embellished with printed flowers. Everything seemed to be moving away from vulgarity.

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