He is now unrecognizable: 26-year-old guy who was 287 lb lost weight and changed drastically

Would you believe that this incredibly gorgeous and handsome man used to weigh 287 pounds and be obese?



Harvey, a 26-year-old who loved fast food, gained weight as a result of consuming it virtually daily. Even though he knew that giving up junk food would be bad for his health, he couldn’t really picture his life without it. As his physical condition deteriorated over time as a result of this lifestyle, Harvey began to feel self-conscious about his appearance.


Harvey made the decision to put an end to this. He started eating healthily and visited the gym. Of course, it wasn’t simple, but the man’s determination, tenacity, and hard effort paid off—he lost 126 pounds!

Harvey now visits the gym six times a week and is thrilled with his progress! Harvey’s ability to pause and tend to his health at the right moment is commendable. He is now content with his ideal body and is not going to give up.

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