Initially, the judges found the girl’s choice of song amusing. However, her performance was so impressive that it prompted them to rise from their seats in applause.

Isn’t it amazing and endearing how some of the most gifted and loudest voices can originate from the smallest people?

Meet Bo Dermot, a charming 12-year-old who, on the well-known talent show Britain’s Got Talent, was able to command the entire stage despite her age and height.

It was evident that Bo was feeling both anxious and excited as she took the platform. When the judges started giggling after discovering the music she had selected to perform, the pressure mounted.

Bo had decided to perform the song “Defying Gravity” from the popular musical “Wicked” because of its intricacy.She performed with great skill, leaving a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to see it, despite the extreme strain.

It’s proof of the amazing talent that can arise from the most unlikely of settings, and Bo, at the tender age of twelve, displayed a gift that was unimaginable.You can view her incredible and touching performance in the attached video.

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