Living Life on the Road: The Thrilling Adventure of Sam and Rachel Dix

Have you ever had the desire to see the world, discover new locations, and create enduring memories? Now allow me to introduce you to Bristol residents Sam and Rachel Dix, who achieved their goal!

They embarked on an amazing family journey after transforming an American yellow school bus into an elegant mobile home. And what’s this? Bodhi, their baby son, was even welcomed into their unique mobile house!

A 37-by-8-foot school bus was moved from New York to Southampton and then to a farm in Somerset to begin their voyage. This bus, which once held 72 children, now stands for the love and adventure of their expanding family.

This labor of love took almost six months to complete. Sam, a skilled carpenter, and Rachel, an expert in interior design, put their everything into making the bus what it is now.


The chairs were removed to reveal stunning hardwood floors, a practical kitchen, a cozy bedroom, and a sophisticated bathroom. Every component was thoughtfully chosen to create a warm and inviting space.

Sam and Rachel was inspired for their new lifestyle by listening to the Motorhome Matt podcast. This episode provided helpful guidance on choosing the best motorhome as well as ideas for making money while on the road.

Matt Sims, the CEO of The Motorhome Holiday Company and the host of the Motorhome Matt podcast, has been their guide throughout the journey. After thirty years in the industry, Matt believes there are several avenues to make money from a motorhome, such as remodeling and outsourcing. He urges everyone to research potential investments and find the best fit for their lifestyle and areas of interest.


They were able to live freely and comfortably on the bus, which served as their mobile home. Solar panels were installed on its outside, which was still that recognizable yellow, to lower their electricity costs. When Rachel gave birth on the organic farm where they were parked, Sam even put a light on top of the bus so the midwives could locate them in the dark.


Rachel gave birth to their son Bodhi in the comfortable living room of their mobile home in about three hours. The birth certificate attests to the remarkable voyage of the Dix family by proudly citing “American School Bus” as the place of Bodhi’s arrival.

They decided to embark on this journey in remembrance of Rachel’s late father, who died of cancer at the age of 52. It was their way of honoring his memory and giving life everything they had.

The Dix family’s adventure not only makes for a compelling story, but it also highlights the importance of sustainability and making deliberate travel decisions. They have solar panels installed in order to reduce emissions and save money. According to Matt, we can all continue to enjoy our freedom to travel and take modest action to improve the environment.

After their conversion proved to be successful, the Dix family decided to rebuild a third vehicle so they could take even more road trips. As a result, they have made the decision to sell their beloved bus.

Sam has updated the layout and redesigned the interior to make it someone else’s dream mobile home. For an individual or a couple that are prepared to venture out on their own and may even have young children, it could be the perfect fit.

The amazing story of Sam and Rachel Dix is a monument to the potential that can be achieved through perseverance, creativity, and an adventurous attitude.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel and create your own unforgettable memories, draw inspiration from their incredible journey.

This is the ideal time to embrace the unknown and embark on an amazing adventure!

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