Officials provide more details about Matthew Perry’s death

Matthew Perry, the star of Friends, was discovered dead in his Pacific Palisades home on Saturday. When police arrived, they discovered the actor’s lifeless body in the hot tub, according to reports.

54 was his age.

Though it will take some time to learn the precise cause of death, authorities have released more details about the tragedy that rocked the entire world and the millions of fans Perry made laugh with his iconic character as Chandler Bing.

Officials said that at approximately 4 p.m. on Saturday, they received a medical call from Perry’s residence, which has a view of the Pacific Ocean, stating that the actor was unconscious and in a hot tub. The caller’s identity hasn’t been made public yet.

The LAFD released a statement stating, “An adult male patient was deceased prior to first response arrival.” In a freestanding hot tub, “the patient was discovered by a bystander who had repositioned the victim where the head was out of water.”

According to the statement, “Firefighters pulled the victim out of the jacuzzi and did a quick medical assessment to find he was deceased.”

It will probably take months to complete the current investigation that is being conducted to ascertain the cause of death. Although no narcotics of any type were discovered at the site, toxicology testing will be performed by the Los Angeles County coroner’s office.

The autopsy was finished by the medical examiner, but the cause of death was “deferred,” according to reports.

Lead officer of the Robbery Homicide Division of the Los Angeles Police Department, Capt. Scot Williams, stated that while the cause of Perry’s untimely death may not be known for some time, foul play is not believed at this time.

Although it has been made public that the late actor was discovered dead in the hot tub, it is unknown if he actually drowned.

Peace be with you, Perry Matthew.

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