What does the daughter of a special woman who gave birth, despite doctors’ excuses, look like?

Anastasia is impacted by osteogenesis. As Semenova herself admitted, her bones are very brittle. Nastya calls herself a “crystal woman” and is grateful that she was able to conceive despite the doctors’ explanations. When Semenova was eighteen, she met a young man.


He expressed his enjoyment of her gaze. The husband of their heroine declared that he had already decided Nastya would be his wife. Following their discovery of Nastya’s fascinating work, the family began attempting to dissuade the couple from making such a significant decision.

The spouse of Semenova stated that he was requested to sign documents acknowledging his responsibility by the doctors.

Despite all of the difficulties, Nastya gave birth to a stunning daughter. Right now, the couple is thinking about having another child.

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