The 52-year-old model showed how her monstrous curves look in a swimsuit

Allegra Cole first tried herself as a model when she was 30 years old. At that time, the woman looked completely different than today. However, having started making good money, Allegra decided to improve her appearance and bring her body to perfection.

However, her concept of perfection was very peculiar. Now Allegra is 52, since then she has done far more than one plastic surgery, increasing her shape to monstrous proportions.

The husband tried to reason with the woman, but she did not listen. In the end, the man who lived with Allegra for more than 20 years could not stand her cardinal changes and left his wife. However, Allegra was not particularly upset.

Last year, the model once again decided to increase its already rather small forms. Currently, her figure looks even scary. However, Allegra herself believes that she has reached the ideal of beauty. Surprisingly, she has a lot of fans on social networks. What do you think about the figure of the model? Please share your opinion in the comments.

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