The Instagram celebrity was 700 pounds. A few years ago, American Amber Rusty, and now.

Amber Rusty hardly recognizes the person she once was.

These pictures show the girl as she seemed a few years ago. Amber was so overweight that the folds of fat and cellulite covering her feet prevented them from even being seen.

The girl couldn’t even walk by herself. She received assistance from a young man named Rudy throughout everything. He was the only person in Amber’s vicinity who truly recognized Amber for who she is.

Rudy never criticized Amber for being overweight and always stood by her.

Rudy, however, left the girl as soon as she made appreciable progress. Now Amber Rusty looks like this.

She no longer weighs 700 lbs, maintains a healthy weight, follows a diet, and has a very appealing appearance.

The relationship dissolved as a result of this. Rudi was concerned about competition from other guys who were becoming increasingly drawn to a beautiful female with a fantastic figure.

Amber understood she did not at all require such a person next to her after surviving the split with pride.

Rudy’s desire for an entirely reliant and helpless “overweight ruin” to be by his side for the duration of their friendship, as opposed to genuine love, upset the girl.

All these adjustments were made possible by attending the exhibition. I weigh 700 lbs. With the help of experts, Amber’s stomach was decreased, and they also assisted her in developing a nutrition plan.

The girl will never go back to her original size.

Amber is really proud of who she is. She persevered through her most hard experiences to become the person she is today.

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