The young girl weighed 300 kg: see how she looks now after a wonderful transformation

Being overweight causes very difficulty in a full life. Some people can’t even move or breathe because of their weight. The second bad effect is that it is not esthetic at all.

So almost all overweight people long for losing weight. One of them was a 35-year-old girl living in Texas. She was weighing 300kg, 276 to be exact.

She told that she loved food from childhood and never refused the second portion. But now she didn’t want to be overweight anymore and decided to participate in the show and prove to the world that he could become better and slimmer.


The girl underwent gastric surgery and after the operation began following a strict diet. The diet included only healthy food. Besides the girl walked regularly to keep her body in a healthy shape. Now she weighs 91 kg.

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