Why Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson never had children

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley had been married for a short while, but did the two have children together?

Michael Jackson was Lisa Marie Presley’s second spouse.

The pair’s love relationship didn’t start until 1992, when they were first introduced at a Los Angeles dinner party hosted by a mutual acquaintance.

In the 1970s, they had first crossed paths at a Las Vegas event.

After then, Lisa married Danny Keough, her first husband. They became friends, but they didn’t start dating right away.

After Presley had supported Jackson during the investigation, one evening in 1993, Jackson asked Presley to marry him over the phone.

In a quick 15-minute ceremony, Michael and Lisa Marie Presley exchanged vows in the Dominican Republic. She later released a statement to the media announcing her union.

Michael and Lisa made several public appearances together. The most well-known incident took place in September 1994 when the Thriller singer live at the MTV Video Music Awards k*ssed Presley, saying,

There were rumors going around that their well-known marriage was deteriorating and that they weren’t spending enough time together.

The pair also revealed their intention to start a family soon.

But there were whispers that Jackson’s drug abuse was the cause of their marital problems. A month after Lisa Marie Presley filed for divorce in December 1995, the Bad singer and Presley called it quits. Their marriage officially ended in August of 1996.

While Lisa and Michael were childless, Presley had four children from her prior marriages. Her children were Riley and Ben from her marriage to Danny Keough, Finley Aaron Love Lockwood from her marriage to Michael Lockwood, and Harper Vivienne Ann from her marriage to Michael Lockwood.

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