‘I’m Leaving Y’all,’ says Whoopi Goldberg as she exits ‘The View’ during the Miranda Lambert controversy.

Last week, Whoopi Goldberg shocked the viewers of “The View” by abruptly leaving the stage during a live broadcast. The singer Miranda Lambert caused a stir when she abruptly ended a performance to reprimand fans for taking pictures of her while she was performing. This issue served as the impetus for the event. Whoopi Goldberg left the show as a prank and wasn’t genuinely leaving, despite the objections of many critics. Whoopi Goldberg stormed out “The View” while the co-hosts argued with Miranda Lambert, as captured in viral videos. Numerous critics had anticipated one or two more intricate sequences.

To put things in perspective, Miranda Lambert caused a stir when she abruptly ended her performance to chastise some fans for wanting to take pictures of their concert experiences. Miranda Lambert’s tickets were probably more than a few dollars, and attendees frequently take pictures with their phones to share on social media or save as mementos. The “The View” co-hosts were debating Miranda Lambert’s stances on a variety of subjects, such as whether or not she should have interrupted the broadcast to yell at the audience and whether or not concertgoers should be allowed to take pictures. Whoopi was so filled by chaos that she turned to face the crowd and declared, “I’m leaving y’all,” quite suddenly.



Miranda Lambert’s co-host, Alyssa Farah Griffin, made an effort to tackle the divisive topic in a fair and unbiased way. Griffin begged Lambert to stop making fun of her followers since it would make them uncomfortable, particularly if they are merely snapping photos and not disturbing other attendees. Now showing up, Whoopi Goldberg warns that fans shouldn’t be taking selfies. “They came to see her, they paid for the tickets, so she’s singing,” Whoopi remarked. [Practice] giving it at least a thought. Acknowledge the fact that she can see you.


Sara Haines, a different host, observed that the individuals who were being yelled at by Miranda Lambert during the selfie incident were seated rather near to the stage. Does this imply, however, that the well-known singer must be insulting them, canceling the performance, and creating a scene? Debatable, but Sunny Hostin implied Miranda Lambert was at fault in a Page Six article describing Whoopi Goldberg’s exit.
Sunny Hostin, who was cited by Page Six, alluded to the price of VIP seats at the venue where Miranda Lambert faced backlash for her selfie. In the VIP area, the most costly seats cost $757. I apologize, but $757 allows me to take as many selfies as I want. That may seem a bit lot, but you better believe I would have some photos from the event to defend those who took selfies if I paid that much for any show. For that kind of money, I’d take as many shots as I wanted, and Miranda Lambert would never be upset about it. Even while I’m one of those people who says, “I paid for this, and I want a photo or two of it,” I wouldn’t just sit here and shoot endless selfies. Enjoy the performance, grab a photo when the moment is right, and be in the moment. In order to get the greatest experience possible without having to face the humiliation of a stiff vocalist in public, fans could find a medium ground.

Things start to become intriguing at this point. Whoopi Goldberg advises people to “stay home” if they find it tough to give up taking selfies in response to Sunny Hostin. Whoopi Goldberg’s remark that the show should be the main emphasis got Sunny Hostin to defend her position in the Miranda Lambert scandal. Then Whoopi Goldberg leaped to her feet and approached the live audience, attempting to gain attention by posing for a picture with a participant. However, did it truly succeed? It’s all up to you. Check out the video below:

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