Mama June Shannon Says Daughter, Anna ‘Chickadee’ Cardwell Has Passed Away at 29

UPDATE: Anna “Chickadee” Cardwell, Mama June’s eldest daughter, has lost her fight with cancer, according to new sources.

Anna, Mama June’s 29-year-old daughter, is “no longer with us,” she announced on Instagram five months after her most recent cancer update.

She wrote, “With a broken heart, we are announcing that @annamarie35 is no longer with us,” at the beginning of the description for a picture of her family. She died quietly at 11:12 PM yesterday night in my house. We will be providing you with more details when we receive it today. She fought valiantly for ten months before passing away in the company of her loved ones. We love you all and will be sending our family our best wishes and prayers at this trying time.

Honey Boo Boo, Anna’s youngest sister, has also posted a message to Instagram:

I really wish I didn’t have to write this post. We all showered Anna with love last night and gave her the all-clear to leave. Anna, unfortunately, passed away at 11 p.m. As a family, we all know that although Anna was in a lot of agony last night, she is now at rest. I’m at a loss for words since my heart is so broken. It hasn’t been easy to see my 29-year-old sister fight this terrible cancer for the past year. Anna has always been a warrior.

In the next days, this will all become a reality, so in the meantime, please put your arms around her two infants and our family, Lord???? I’m so happy you held off on taking your final breath till I got home! Although I wish you could have seen me graduate from college, I know you will always be there to support me in heaven! We’ll all work to ensure that your legacy endures forever. I also swear that I will always remember to celebrate our birthdays as if you had never left! Today’s sky has a slightly different appearance. Anna, you are our forever loved one????. You really got me with that one, Anna, but I know you’re in a better place now and won’t ever experience agony again.

After completing four rounds of chemotherapy, Mama June Shannon recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight in an exclusive interview on her 28-year-old daughter Anna Cardwell’s progress. Cardwell said in March that she had received an adrenal cancer diagnosis at stage 4.

Mama June stated in the interview that since finishing chemotherapy, her daughter was “doing pretty good” and “handling it pretty good.” The family is taking things day by day, June said, adding, “A lot of people thought that it was gonna make her sick and stuff like that, [but] she’s able to bounce back pretty quick.”

Regarding the future, Anna Cardwell is presently attempting to determine whether she wants to proceed with immune therapy or clinical trials; it’s possible that she will proceed with neither. Despite their complete acceptance that the illness is incurable, Anna’s mother claims that her daughter “just wants to see how it’s gonna go.”

Mother June Shannon was joined by her three other daughters: Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, 17, Jessica “Chubbs” Shannon, 26, and Lauryn “Pumpkin” Efird, 23. Although Alana pointed out that chemotherapy “does wear her body down sometimes,” Lauryn and Alana concurred that their sister is doing “pretty good.”

Lauryn clarified, saying, “She can still drive herself, go to the grocery store, and pick up and drop off the kids.” She also added that she “doesn’t have hair, she has no eyebrows, she doesn’t have any hair on her arms or anything like that.” She also talked about how it’s going for Anna’s two kids.

Although Kaitlyn, Anna’s 10-year-old daughter, is aware of the diagnosis and understands that “Mommy is sick,” she is still a little too young to comprehend the full extent of the situation. Mama June continued by saying that Kaitlyn hasn’t really left her mother’s side much since the diagnosis and that she probably knows her mother won’t be around for very long.

The entire interview may be viewed below:

Regarding Kaitlyn, Lauryn remarked, “She may be ten, but she’s a lot more mature than that because she’s been raised around older people.” Kylee, Anna’s 7-year-old daughter, is aware that her mother is ill, but she is unsure of how serious the condition is. Nevertheless, the family cherishes every second they spend together.

Mama June Shannon Remains Hopeful

Mama June Shannon stressed that although the family is aware that Anna Cardwell will not experience remission, they are not giving up on finding a novel course of treatment or a possible cure. They take each day as it comes, but they have faith that advances in technology will make a difference in the lives of cancer sufferers everywhere.

Honestly, who’s to say they won’t have a cure in a year? The medical industry is expanding daily. Something is always there, according to Mama June Shannon. Consider how quickly the COVID vaccination and other similar products were released. I firmly think that a cancer cure will exist at some point.

Alana is hopeful that her sister will be able to persevere in fighting this illness, even though we all know it won’t be easy. In the interview, Honey Boo Boo stated, “It is crazy to think that she will not be here probably in five years, but I’m hoping that she can pull through and fight 10, 20 years.”

Since learning that she had cancer and going through chemotherapy, Anna Cardwell has been transparent about her struggle over the past few months. When she feels like it, she regularly shares video updates on TikTok. We hope for the best for her in the future!

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