What Judge Judy has said about the event following her on-air mini-stroke

Judy Geller, an actress known for her role as Judge Judy on television, has been involved in a number of court disputes over her career. She was not prepared for what transpired during one of her live performances, though.

In 2011, Judy experienced a mini-stroke while playing for her audience. As the executive producer of Judy Justice, her new show, she thinks back on the terrible event.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Judy talked candidly about the incident and her opinions about it. She thinks she might have experienced a mini-stroke, also referred to as a transient ischemic attack.

Judy thanked the people in the audience who saw something was off and phoned the paramedics right away. If they had asked her directly, she acknowledged, she might have discouraged them. The New York Post reported on her prompt medical action.

The 79-year-old actress reportedly started “asking questions in slow motion,” which led the producers to act and make an ambulance call.

Judy informed everyone that she is well, despite the doctors’ fears. She believes the episode may have been a transient ischemia attack, which usually causes brief symptoms that soon away.

Thank goodness, Judy has not had any further attacks and is still in good condition. She really works on Judy Justice, her new program, right now.

Judy remarked with confidence, “I’m not tired,” in response to a question regarding her potential retirement. She does not intend to leave her position as a television personality. Judy, in contrast to those who play tennis or golf, finds contentment in her work and has no desire to pursue pastimes like mahjong, chess, or checkers.


Judy Sheindlin and her spouse Jerry Sheindlin are celebrating their long-lasting love and friendship as they approach their 45th anniversary this year. Early in their marriage, they experienced a brief separation, but they soon got back together and have been happy ever since.

Judy’s off-screen life consists of a great home life with Jerry and their years of shared adventures.

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