A completely mute little girl surprises everyone when she says these magical words to her therapy donkey.

Shock was lying in a pasture with a rope around his neck that had seriously damaged the animal’s skin when rescuers discovered him on an Irish farm.

The owner decided that regular bleach would aid in the healing of the wounds and sores for whatever reason. He applied this medicine to the donkey without giving it much thought, which naturally made things worse. After being brought to an animal clinic and subsequently an animal shelter in Birmingham, the unhappy Shock made friends with other animals of his kind and discovered how to “heal.”

Shock was placed in the shelter for children who were either in need of psychiatric support or had developmental problems. After birth, the tiny girl had a difficult procedure to repair damaged ligaments and have a tracheotomy. It was difficult for her to acquire weight and move around because of this ailment.

They bonded right away, with Amber being able to grasp the donkeys and being inspired to move, which helped her overcome her paralysis.

Amber had more surgery at the age of three to fix her vocal cords. She is growing into a powerful young lady who frequently takes part in significant events now that she is enrolled in school.

Before they met, the donkey and Amber did not have an easy life, but now they have a bright future ahead of them.

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