A woman born without hands, raising two children on her own, and working as a makeup artist.

There was a reason the girl was named Vera. One leg was shorter than the other at birth, and she was born without arms. Sadly, no one could figure out why, and the physicians’ lack of concern led to the prognosis that she wouldn’t survive for another five years.

It is hard to put into words the parents’ mental state. However, their devotion never wavered for her, even in this predicament, and they never gave thought to placing her in an orphanage. Vera was raised in a happy, compassionate, and loving home where no one ever gave up on her and she was never discouraged. Her elder siblings showed her the utmost care and never allowed her to get into problems.

She carefully studied while working remotely. She even picked up the art of footwriting. She didn’t seek for assistance once. But throughout all these difficult years, she remained optimistic and religious, which is highly symbolic.

Currently, she is a qualified makeup artist in addition to needlework. Despite her celebrity, she continues to be a real smiley, kind, and down to earth person. She is frequently photographed and interviewed.

Vera is, after all, an inspiration to all of us and a cause for self-evaluation. She has a distinct personality, makes money, does what she loves, and provides for her family.

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