Mom went to the hospital to give birth to me but came out of the maternity ward with two daughters in her arms. That day changed our lives forever.

In order to avoid difficulties, physicians advised my mom to be hospitalized a few days prior to labor while she was pregnant with me. They invited a forty-something lady who made the decision to jeopardize her health in order to have a kid into the same room. She was from a rural background, but my mom made her friends and she told stories about the difficulties of living in a rural area.

My mother once overheard her friend’s voice pleading with her to look after her child because she was unable to bring the infant with her. My mom was shocked to see Tony (M/V) was missing when she woke up. After asking around, she found out that her neighbor in the hospital room had given birth to a healthy daughter who was not going to survive. Tony’s heart condition prevented her from surviving childbirth, and despite efforts, she was not going to be saved.

My mother persisted on adopting the baby even though she was supposed to go to an orphanage. Despite his initial amazement, my dad was totally in favor of my mom’s choice. That’s how I got a sister, who I adore, and my mom gets to see her friend’s dream a lot.

My mother chose to tell the story after she reached eighteen because she thought it may damage their bond. But my mom’s affection for her only deepened, and she came to cherish her mother even more.My sister and I are still close even though she is married now. My mother was afraid that things would change if the truth were out, but they didn’t.

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