“Once, my beloved told me, ‘You have to choose — either me or your daughter. I believe you understand.’”

Svitlana became pregnant in the eleventh grade with her classmate Victor; at the time, she thought she was in love. But after finding out about the pregnancy, Victor rejected the child and made rumors about the girl all throughout the hamlet. Thankfully, Svitlana’s parents helped her and the child despite the criticism she and her parents experienced.

After deciding to go to university two years later, she relocated to the city and left her daughter with her parents. In order to help her parents financially, Svitlana enrolled in the economics faculty and obtained a part-time work as a server. It was there that she met the attractive, wealthy, and youthful Orest. Orest was utterly devoted to Svitlana and fell in love with her at first sight. Sweet kisses, romantic dates, and Svitlana moving in with Orest.

They immediately started organizing their wedding. Naturally, Svitlana informed him about her daughter straight immediately. Orest even offered to pay for the child’s toys and clothing, insisting that there was no issue. Svitlana began talking about bringing her daughter to live with them over time. She was surprised to find that

Orest was not fond of the notion. He made it clear that although he knew she loved her daughter, he would have wanted for the youngster to remain in the community. He maintained that the child was used to her grandparents and that they didn’t need children at this time. Svitlana, who adored Orest, was astounded and at a loss for words.

She made the proper choice because of Orest’s final words, “You have to understand that I’m not ready to raise someone else’s child.” So decide between Inna and me. “I have faith that you’ll make the correct decision, and our lives will carry on as usual,” he stated with assurance.Svitlana remained silent. But when Orest got home the following day, Svitlana and her possessions weren’t there. Rather, a message reading, “I will always choose my child,” was present.

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