The superstar asks a little girl to sing “You Raise Me Up”. Seconds later, the girl brings down the house

The Voice Kids, a British talent show, presents Courtney Hedwyn, a rising rock star whose live performances only get better. This teenage rock singer, who is incredibly gifted, gave a breathtaking performance of the great song “And I’m Telling You,” which was originally made popular by Jennifer Hudson, during the grand finale. The song calls for a strong, flexible voice with a remarkable range, which Courtney met with ease and in her own unique way.

Courtney’s magnificent finale performance is a work of art in every aspect. Her powerful and unrestrainedly passionate vocals are nothing short of spectacular, and her commanding stage presence is just amazing. Every phrase has a deeper emotional impact because to her mesmerizing dancing skills and genuine facial expressions.

Jennifer Hudson’s hit song seems to have been written specifically to highlight Courtney Hadwin’s special abilities. Her voice, manner, and stage charm are all perfectly suited to this dramatic version, which produces a rendering of “And I’m Telling You” that goes beyond the heartfelt honesty of the original.

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