“Two matchsticks need to be hidden under clothes”: Julia Roberts surprised the public with her appearance.

Julia Roberts continues to be the subject of many subscriber letters, with many highlighting her singular talent. Even now, she exudes such beauty and charm! Remind readers that she turned 56 years old. Even yet, given that the actress has never had plastic surgery and instead supports natural aging, she manages to maintain her young appearance.

Recently, fresh images of the actress appeared on the internet. Naturally, some were quick to attack her appearance. They pointed out that Roberts has to wear long skirts immediately in order to cover up the “matchsticks.” Julia, you are really quite lovely!

One user wrote, “I adore this gifted actress, I always enjoy watching movies with her, and I don’t see any flaws; she has only virtues.” As another commenter put it, “Who told these people that they can evaluate Julia Roberts’ style, appearance, and beauty while they’re trying to judge a star they can never reach? Where does their innocent self-assurance originate from, believing that they may even vaguely resemble her in their idealized image?

Men also experience a decline in self-esteem at some point in their lives, believing themselves to be exceptional, unique individuals capable of doing anything. Occasionally, a total collapse follows that.

One user made a comment. “Everyone has moments when they gain or lose weight,” said an additional. In life, it’s hardly the worst thing.

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