Why do older women have children after the age of 40?

The other day, I came over an interesting article.
“I find it incomprehensible that women over forty want to have children.” What do they think about it, and why is it necessary?

Their older children will be aware of their parents’ adulterous behavior as they already have children. Why don’t they think about how their parents and friends will make fun of them? Will the youngster and his grandmother attend first grade together? Later on, their baby would feel so ashamed!

The most amazing thing about this mode of thinking is how commonplace it is. Here’s another illustration of the same idea.

Do women over forty not realize that they are past the point at which they can have children? My spouse and I had parental deaths while we were young, and our kids have never had the opportunity to meet their grandparents. The death certificate he had brought to work turned out to be his grandmother’s, as his bosses had told him. Parents, in my opinion, deliberately ruin the lives of their child when they have them at this age.

One could classify such an opinion as ambiguous. On the surface, it appears like everyone who is against late births is right. Nevertheless, their parents loved and looked after them when they were born. What happens if they choose to abort their child? If so, does this mean that they will vanish from existence?
I once had a strange experience.
I got along well with a classmate of mine. She was an amazing individual. In the eleventh grade, this girl had transferred to our school before. She was the family’s eldest kid. Her mother, who gave birth at the age of 37, was one of those old people who put off having a child until they were much older. In addition, the girl’s mother gave birth to a younger brother at age 41 after turning forty. Since most of the women in our class had their first kid at age 19, this family stood out from the others.
The mother of my friend was a happy person who loved everyone in her vicinity. She was really patient and friendly. I thought she was a truly amazing woman. And, really, the nicest person I’ve ever met.
She talked to her children and their pals for a long time. She was always willing to lend a hand. When our mothers had fatigued from work and were too tired to spend time with their kids, she would always arrange for us to have get-togethers and snacks. That was the main difference.
And why should kids be embarrassed of a mother like that? Conversely, we were all genuinely and politely jealous of them because they had the most beautiful mother in the world. Besides, none of us would have the gall to refer to her as an old woman. We didn’t care how old she was because she had such a wonderful effect on everyone.

When I was nineteen, I thought that a woman forty years old was ancient. However, as I approach forty, I see how foolish I was back then. And with much love as well. I was impressionable at the time, so I thought so, but I’ve since moved past my formative years.
Now, I’m positive that a woman’s financial situation has a greater impact on her childbearing age than her age. It is best for a woman to put off having children until she is stable both financially and emotionally.

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