You can’t fool the genes! This is how the youngest heir of Jackson appears today

2002 saw the birth of Jackson’s youngest heir!

It’s unbelievable how much Blanket looks like his father!

The pop star’s son, whose most recent images are shown in this post, is already an adult!

The fact that the King of Pop was a father of three kids is no secret. During his union with D. Rowe, Paris and Prince were born. As for Blanket, well, he was born via surrogacy and looks a lot like his iconic father.

The music star’s children lost their father when they were still quite young. Blanket was just 7 years old, and the eldest heirs were 11 and 12. The Jackson family matriarch and their grandmother took temporary charge of the children’s care.

They continued to reside in the family’s San Fernando Valley home after the death of their father. Few are aware that it was Blanket, who aroused curiosity, that his father was going to «accidentally» slip from the balcony, hiding his face with a blanket.

Recently, the guy who has already grown up has been caught on camera, and his amazing resemblance to his father has gotten even more intense.

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