A man solved a riddle that had been buried for almost 70 years by pulling a string in an attic.

The Amazing Find of Lost Treasures: An Enthralling Story


Many tales of people finding hidden treasures have been told over the years. One man set out to find the family property that his father had hidden before he was forced to flee the country.

The Instructions of a Father

Although it wasn’t an easy voyage, this man had learnt the art of uncovering concealed artifacts from his father. Considering that these objects had been kept hidden for seventy years, there were questions regarding their ability to endure the test of time.


Thankfully, the artifacts were retrieved and discovered to be in excellent shape, much to their joy. Going back to his childhood house, the man entered the attic and started looking for a thin cord that was fastened to one of the wooden panels. Using this rope to open the shelves, I was able to see an amazing collection of items from decades ago.

The man had been concerned over the years that the house’s multiple roof repairs would have harmed the hidden riches. But his worries were allayed when he discovered seventy presents that his father had thoughtfully hidden in the attic.

He remembered that “all of them spoke in the same voice.”

He tried, but he was unable to understand the words that would have allowed him to take down the boards the way his father had wanted. While some of the parcels were still covered in brown paper, others had been unwrapped. Newspapers, hat hangers, artwork, skis, paperweights, pencils, umbrellas, school desks, unopened cigarettes, badges, books, socks, and sewing tools were among the items in the collection. Amazingly, everything was still in working order.

The Purchase of a Museum

The artifacts are being kept in a museum in the Czech city of Usti nad Labem because of their great historical significance. The director of the museum expressed shock upon finding a concealed “German property” in the vicinity.

The director of the museum said, “The packages were very cleverly concealed in the skylight vault.”

It was astonishing how many things could fit in such a tiny area. Examining the treasures and taking everything apart took more than an hour.

The man, Schlattner, promised to help find the property even though he was sorry he couldn’t retain the treasures for himself. He stated, “We thought we’d come back and find a property there,” in reflection on the finding.

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