After showcasing a sleeveless dress on social media, a 76-year-old grandma was torn apart in the comments.

Though we frequently forget that it’s preferable to keep our opinions to ourselves, everyone has opinions.

A 76-year-old style influencer recently shared a picture of herself on Instagram wearing a sleeveless midi dress. Although the post attracted a lot of attention, not all of it was positive.

Candace Cima told TODAY, “It’s not the first time something like this has happened, but this one surprised me.” “Age-appropriate fashion is still perceived by many in such an antiquated way, and this has to change.”

Eleven grandkids later, Cima was dressed in a brown knit sleeveless dress and a jumper.

The pro-aging influencer received a lot of applause in the comments section, but it also received a lot of criticism.

“Neither the back nor the side of this dress benefit you in any way. Form fitting is not your buddy below the waist. Instead, embrace everything else about your body! A Facebook user made a comment.


One person said, “I like the sweater on, but not the dress.”

Not in the least flattering. “I’m too old to be showing all that skin,” said someone else. I would never wear it alone.

“Having wrinkles at the age of 76 is totally normal, and I don’t feel guilty about it,” she said. Occasionally, I feel like answering, ‘Should I cover my face too, since I have wrinkles there?'”

Cima saw a gap in the market for older women and decided to fill it by starting her fashion blog in 2019.

“I saw a chance to talk about dressing appropriately for your age.” Women are socialized to think that they have to hide just like their mothers and grandmothers did.

“Our understanding of age needs to be adjusted.” We don’t need to cling to these antiquated ideas in the modern world.

Cima took no notice of the many taunts, choosing instead to mentor a few of her more recent and less experienced adherents.

“Getting older is a beautiful thing. All of your life’s experiences suddenly become accessible to you. Right now, you are the smartest person you will ever be. Recognize it and take pride in it.

A 76-year-old grandma received backlash for flaunting her arms on social media when she posted a sleeveless dress. Regardless of what others may think, I think she’s stunning!

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