I Dumped the Man I Really Liked on Our First Date despite Him Offerring to Pay For Whole $400 Dinner

I was single for years because of my workaholic lifestyle until a buddy put me in touch with Alex. In our early exchanges, he seemed ideal—beautiful, smart, and charming with a great sense of humor. He works as an architect. When the $400 bill showed up, our first dinner at the chain restaurant that he had loved as a child took an unexpected turn.


Alex persisted on treating, even though I was willing to pay $200. His generosity did, however, take a dramatic turn when he proposed that I get breast surgery with my funds. I recoiled in shock, but then I collected myself and shot back, calling his comment out of context and suggesting that he undergo a “brain-increasing” treatment. I walked away, leaving $200 on the table.

After a while, I found out that Alex’s relationship to our waiter got him blacklisted from the entire restaurant network. His misanthropic attempts to get me fired and his attempts to defend the offensive remark exposed his true colors. I learned to confront disrespect from the incident, and it was a lesson in prudence. I know that not all men are like Alex, but I’m still open to dating in spite of this. The episode demonstrated the value of showing respect to others, and Alex was held accountable for his improper comments.

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