Inside William and Kate Middleton’s “not as perfect as it seems” relationship

Prince William and Kate Middleton experience ups and downs in their relationship, just like any other. It all began in 2007 when the two allegedly broke up for different reasons, going their separate ways for a while until William’s actions, it seems, broke Kate’s heart. Ultimately, though, the two made up and kept their love going.

Twelve years after the magnificent Westminster Abbey ceremony that marked their marriage, William and Kate are now parents to three beautiful children. But marriage is never easy, and although many people think that there is no way that a future king and queen combination could go wrong, this is untrue.

A royal expert claims that the Prince and Princess of Wales have experienced marital problems. But it’s not as perfect as one may think.


On April 29, 2011, William and Kate tied the knot at London’s Westminster Abbey. It seemed like their romance had ended just a few years before, in 2007. According to certain reports, William and Kate had officially called it quits.

Following William and Kate’s 2007 divorce, rumors about what happened quickly spread.

The romance between Prince William and Kate Middleton has not been easy.

Several royal observers claim that Prince William’s decision to divorce Kate was motivated by his belief that their relationship had lost its “fun.” Given that Kate had already begun to arrange their future wedding, it was said that she was “desperately upset.”


Soon after the breakup, William reportedly went out to London nightclubs and saw a lot of other girls.

Naturally, Kate was furious. Sources claim that when Kate felt “humiliated” by William’s behavior, “harsh words” were exchanged. He seemed to be “cheapening her image,” too, in her opinion.

According to a source that quoted Express, “It was the first such warning she had dished out over the course of their four and a half-year relationship.”

Kate had had enough and they spoke to one other. According to one of Kate’s friends, she told William that he was portraying her in a negative light. She has endured years of women throwing themselves at her spouse, and for a while she found it endearing and even funny.

On the other hand, some argue that neither Kate Middleton nor William Middleton had total influence over their divorce. Author of William and Kate: A Royal Love Story and royal expert Christopher Anderson claims that Camilla, William’s stepmother and current queen, had a significant effect.

Anderson suggested that Camilla may have been the main reason behind the breakup in an interview with The Daily Beast.

“I was in London during the divorce of William and Kate.” I was completely shocked since everyone assumed William would eventually ask Kate to marry him. In 2016, Anderson said, “And then people started telling me Camilla was the one behind it.”

Before marrying William, Kate Middleton, according to experts, realized she was bearing a “awful burden.”

Every now and then, rumors of William and Kate’s 2007 relationship come up. Judy Wade, a former Hello! Magazine royal writer, had a novel idea last year.

Wade claims that Kate started to realize how much of a lifestyle change being a senior member of the Royal Family would require.

“She might have realized the awful weight she would have had to bear.” Wade clarified, “Marrying a royal is a life sentence.”

Kate was in London at the time, and William was in Dorset with the Household Cavalry. They consequently had a lot of time apart. Kate and William talked about their divorce during their engagement interview.

At one point in the conversation, William admitted, “We did split up.” “But that was only because we were both very young, it was at university, and we were both coming into our own and developing as distinct personalities and things.”

She remarked, “I think I wasn’t very happy about it at the time, but in the end, it made me stronger.”

“You discover aspects of yourself that you were unaware of before.” Alternatively, while you’re younger, you might develop a total romantic obsession, in my opinion. Though I wasn’t aware of it at the time, I also treasured that time for myself.

Prince William and Princess Kate, the royal couple, have come to represent the modern monarchy. Although the Prince and Princess of Wales represent a new generation, King Charles has been credited with modernizing the monarchy through measures like limiting the number of royals in active service.

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s “strong spark”

Kate has been spotted sporting both high-end designer labels and more affordable ones, which helps to humanize her and ultimately makes her seem more appealing and “common.” The monarchy benefits from it overall because it is seen as progressive and—perhaps most importantly—it humanizes the queen.

Despite Adelaide Cottage being a fantastic, expansive property, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis are able to experience life in a “normal” home because William and Kate have made the decision to provide their kids as “normal a childhood as possible.”

The purpose of royal weddings is to last forever. Like any other couple, William and Kate Middleton have had highs and lows. Considering their hectic schedules, it must be challenging for them to spend quality time together.

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe talks about the royal couple’s date nights and the reasons their chemistry is still so strong.

Speaking with OK! Magazine in 2021, royal expert Duncan Larcombe discussed Prince William and Kate’s date nights and how they make sure to spend quality time together.

He adds an explanation for why their spark is still so strong.

“While they were at St Andrew’s University, doing typical student activities and just enjoying each other’s company, Kate and William’s relationship blossomed,” according to Duncan.

“You would think that as a future king, William would take Kate to Paris for the day or spoil her with a fancy lunch at a fancy restaurant, but they’ve never been like that.” Their recent return to St Andrew’s for an engagement suggests that they’re more of a fish and chips on the beach couple.

“Reminds them of their time as students.”

William and Kate seized the chance to enjoy some quality time together out on the town after the Covid-19 restrictions were loosened in the UK.

For instance, the Prince and Princess of Wales make use of the tight relationship between George, Charlotte, and Louis’ grandparents when they pay a visit to Kate’s parents.

Prince William and Kate Middleton aren’t frills, as Larcombe pointed out. They enjoy spending time together in more “regular” environments.

“William and Kate have been able to slip to the local pub for a night out, just the two of them, while the devoted grandparents do the babysitting,” the royal insider claimed.

“I’ve been informed that it was carried out to honor William’s birthday in June 2021.” Another of the couple’s favorite things to do is have William make Kate some bolognese as they watch TV on the couch. It transports them back to their college years, when they first connected and started a committed relationship.

Although William and Kate present a picture of a blissful marriage, things aren’t always that way. William and Kate were present at the marriage of Saudi Arabian royal Rajwa al-Seif, the son of Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan, a few months ago in Amman, Jordan.

The newlyweds were then introduced to the wedding guests, who wished them well in their future. There were cameras everywhere, capturing the moment when Kate Middleton and Prince William were ready to welcome the bride.

William’s “rude” gesture toward Kate

Following a few remarks from Prince William, Kate was given the opportunity to speak. But after a few seconds, William decided it was time to move on. Kate seemed agitated while she spoke with Princess Rajwa, so William gestured for her to move more quickly. Moreover, legend has it that the future monarch gave her the order, “chop, chop.”

William really just wanted Kate to move quickly. But many royal experts have criticized his treatment of his wife in response to his remarks.

Body language expert Judy James expressed her displeasure with what she observed to the Express. It wasn’t one of William’s “finest moments when it comes to either body language or words,” the woman said.

“Kate is talking to the bride in a lively and friendly manner, but it’s obvious that he has moved on from the meet and greet with the bride and groom,” he said. “She doesn’t seem to be creating a “log jam” by slowing down the line, and the other guests are still chatting with the groom, so it doesn’t seem sense for William to push his wife through, especially since she only delays the conversation by a short while.”

James also said that the hand motions were “bad enough.” She didn’t stop complimenting Kate for ignoring William’s actions. “It has to be said that his behavior is overly dominant here,” she continued, “with his critical parent behavior firmly placing her in the implied role of a mischievous child.”

The body language expert described the prince as “rude.”

William and Kate have a reputation inside the royal family for not wanting to appear to be “the perfect couple that everyone else should try and emulate,” said royal expert Tom Quinn.

William and Kate’s marriage is “not as perfect as it may appear.”

Telling Fox that Prince William and Kate Middleton are just like any other marriage, they have days when they are “really, really cross with each other,” and days when they don’t even talk to each other, is the author of Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family.

The Prince and Princess of Wales desire to be seen as ordinary people, and they have the same difficulties as any other parent, including work obligations, child stress, and so forth.


Tom Quinn said they argue like many healthy spouses, even though they seem to have everything under control. But they are skilled at reaching a middle ground and keeping things running smoothly.

It sounds like it’s not as tranquil. Quinn informed Express that “it’s not as flawless as it appears.” “However, Kate excels at not complaining and adopting, and William takes up his grandmother’s manners and mannerisms.”

The royal specialist came to the conclusion that “both of them have stuck to what made the late Queen such a remarkable monarch.” They hardly ever voice grievances. And it’s always measured when they do.

Quinn said, “William and Kate fight too.” The Prince and Princess of Wales “throw cushions,” which are “always kept under control,” at each other instead of “throwing heavy vases.”

It resembles a Jane Austen book.

Quinn discussed Prince William and Kate’s marriage in a March 2023 interview with Fox. They call each other cutesy, sly nicknames, but it’s “not all sweetness.”

Kate and William seem like really calm individuals. This isn’t always the case, though. William and Kate experience a great deal of stress since they are constantly surrounded by [palace aides]. “It resembles a Jane Austen book,” Tom Quinn exclaimed.

He remarked, “Kate is definitely the calm one.” It’s William who has a tendency to overreact. Harry’s book is an example of this. Kate, however, is very composed. She says, “Let’s not stir things up,” as she adds oil to churning waves.


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