Kelly Clarkson is a mother who gives her children spankings when they misbehave.

Kelly Clarkson has discussed how she instilled morality in her children. In an interview, the mother of two stated that she will spank her children for misbehaving.

She claims that this is a typical practice in her native state of Louisiana, where she currently resides.

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From Fort Worth, Texas, comes Clarkson. She has two children from her first marriage to Brandon Blackstock, River Rose, age five, and Remy, age three. Some folks don’t appreciate her response, “I’m not above a spanking,” when asked how she disciplined her kids. She also just wants a slap on the back, not a severe beating.


She continues by explaining that her behavior is understandable, citing her parents’ spanking as well as the fact that she succeeded in life and is content with who she is. She continued by saying that she always receives a warning before acting.

The Voice Coach continued, stating that she is from the South, where it is customary to spank children.


She does note, however, that it might be challenging to do in public since dissidents are ready to pass judgment.

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The effectiveness of spanking as a long-term form of punishment has been a topic of discussion. While some believe it to be safe, others believe it to be harmful.


As a means of child discipline, the American Academy of Pediatrics opposes spanking and all other forms of “corporal punishment.”

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